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A Rainy Day A Rainy Day

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Cool Animation!

I like the use of colors, very smooth. (it least thats the vibe I picking up.)

I saw that you Favorited my "A Typical Christmas" flash. It's a nice feeling when your work is recognized.

Anyways, yeah great work. I like FBF animations. Congratulations on getting front page, you deserve it!

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The Beast Snacks 1 The Beast Snacks 1

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Its hard

Its hard being an unrecognized artist on newgrounds. Artists such as HappyHarry, Egoraptor, and others, don't really have people critique their animations, because they're perceived as amazing people among the newgrounds community. Also the people that are writing poor reviews and analyzing every last frame in your animation are actually losers, who don't have anything published on their account. They don't know how much work actually goes into making an animation. Its hard work! however its fun.

If people are going to criticize people's work, then I beleive they should judge it in a non aggressive manner.

I will also say a few things about your animation.

I did like the backgrounds, very detailed.
I did like the details on the characters.
Everything in your animation was very detailed, and you can obviously tell that you spent some time shading, and making sure that it looked "perfect".
Almost everything was FBF, amazing!

now for the bad.../ this will help episode 2

The characters anatomy was off at times, the only way you can fix this is looking at real humans or yourself in the mirror while you draw and get more comfortable with the human body.
The movement was drawn FBF, however it was moving at times, I would suggest using the onion tool, or just animating everything on separate layers, like the mouth is one layer, and the eyes are another layer.
I can't say much about the story and voice acting because I'm not experienced enough to give my 2 cents in that area, but all I can say is that as a viewer, there were parts that were not enjoyable.
Also anime is a tricky thing to draw, assuming there is only one animator working on this. The body must look very realistic, and this is hard to do with only one animator working on this.

Also there is a great book by Richard Williams, he worked on "Who framed Roger Rabbit" and other movies and cartoons.

Its called "The Animator's Survival Kit".

If you want your animation to be absolutely perfect, I suggest reading that book, and maybe other books on animation. Perhaps you could study some other animations here on newgrounds.

Of course I'm in no position to judge, my animations are no where near perfect, but I'm 14 I still have time to learn.

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